Structure of Ionsavior

Location of Coiled Cables

(1) Coiled Cable Loca/on for Circula/ng Cooling Water System
The coiled cables are basically installed at the discharging point beside the pump so that the cooling water influenced by electromagne7c waves can be easily circulated to all of the piping system.

(2) Coiled Cable Loca/on of Cooling Tower
When you are coiled in front of intake of the cooling tower.

(3) Double Loca/ons of Two Separate Cooling Water System
If two separate piping systems are posi7oned within about 4 meters range, the cables can be coiled at two loca7ons for each cooling water system by using the same DigiSavior.

Algal removal

Algal removal
A copper ion permeates into an algal cell and obstructs a dietetic energy conversion system. Therefore, a cell is annihilated.

Slime removal
A copper ion extirpates the microbe which forms a slime.

Antibacterial activity of a copper ion

Viable cell count
Amount of addition Time of a start 1 hour after 3 hours after 6 hours after
Coliform bacillus 0.8% 2.7x10⁵ 9.8x10² 0 0
Staphylococcus aureus 0.8% 3.1x10⁵ 1.2x10⁴ 0 0
Legionella bacteria 1ppm 9.5x10³ 5.7x10² 0 0

The characteristic of a copper ion

What is a copper ion? Copper of metallic elements that emits electrons underwater and liquatedout is a copper ion. Copper and a copper ion are harmless to man, and it is a required element for a human body on the  contrary. And, it is well-known that verdigris is harmless.

A example of use.

CASE : Electrical conductivity of cooling water  :  100μS. Concentration rate  :  3 times In the above-mentioned case, IONSAVER is applied to about 1000 tons of circulating water. ( A setup is customized by the use situation of cooling water. )


The maintenance for 1 time / 3 months - 12 months is needed by the setting situation. ( Exchange of copper material. Exchange of a pump etc. )