Scale Removal Device DigiSavior is the device to generate the electromagne4c waves that removes and prevents the scale, slime, milk of lime etc. accumulated inside the cooling water piping, heat exchanger and cooling water.


Copper ion generator Algal removal A copper ion permeates into an algal cell and obstructs a dietetic energy conversion system. Therefore, a cell is annihilated.


The slime by increase of a fungus, the accumulation scale of the captured inorganic substance. Ozone gas and microbubble solve completely!

Comparison of Scale Removal System

A certain Japanese giant manufacturer evaluated DigiSavior as the best system to remove the scale by their own test at the factory.

System Merit/Demerit Evalualon
  • Good effect with Long Effec0ve range
  • Large treatment capacity (1,200tons/H)
  • Maintenance Free
Permanent Magnet
  • Some effect & Maintenance free
  • Effec0ve only in limited range
  • Less effect as electrodes deteriorate
  • Necessary to Clean or replace electrode
  • Necessary to clean ceramics
  • Less effect of scale removal
Chemical Agent
  • Periodical cost required
  • Damage human body & environment